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  1. This agreement is made between the Mare owner ________________________________


City__________________________________State______________ Zip____________

Day Phone ______________________  Evening Phone__________________________

And Rick Leek Quarter Horses.


  1. The Mare Owner agrees that he/she is the registered owner or acting as the agent of the registered owner of the mare ____________________________________________

Reg. #________


  1. The mare owner and Rick Leek Quarter Horses agree to breed the above mare to the stallion _______________ for a breeding fee of ______________ (this includes a $250 chute fee) during the _____ breeding season.  A non-refundable booking deposit of $250 is payable upon the execution of this breeding contract.  This fee is applied toward the breeding fee.  The remainder of the breeding fee is payable prior to any shipment of semen.  If bred on the farm the balance of the fee is paid when the mare is settled in foal at the farm.  If the breeding is at the farm the mare care will be $15 per day dry and $17 per day wet.
  2. Shipped Semen: There will be a $225 fee per shipment if it is sent Fed Ex.  If the semen needs to be sent counter to counter (air) there will be a charge of $300 per shipment.  If the mare does not settle on the first shipment each additional shipment will be the same price. The mare owner shall order the cooled semen shipment as early as possible.  Semen collections and shipments are performed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday    Saturday collects are possible, with the only option Flights.  Call  the night before and get on a waiting list, there is no charge on cancellations.  Never be afraid to call on any day, due to cancellations, semen could be available.  Canadians are responsible for HST charges and USDA Stamp charges.   The Canadian Fed Ex Charge will be$300  as we have to drive to the USDA in East Lansing to get the papers stamped.  That $300 will include the actual fed ex charge.  Semen picked up at the farm is $50.
  3. This contract contains a “live foal guarantee”. A live foal is described as a newborn foal, which stands and nurses without assistance.  All In Lights being  APHA, there is a color guarantee for the next breeding season only. If foal is born dead, there are return privileges for the _______ season only, if the stallion owner is notified within 7 days and receives a veterinarian’s statement confirming death.  I’m The Secret does not have a color Guarantee. If, after being pronounced “safe in foal”, the mare should miscarry, abort or prove barren, mare owner has the privilege to return for the remainder of the _____ season or return in the _____ breeding season. However, the mare owner shall pay stallion manager a chute fee of $250 for return breeding.  If the mare does not get in foal by shipped semen we retain the right to insist the mare come to the farm for breeding on the return year.
  4. A “Breeders Certificate” will be issued for the foal, conceived by this mating, when stallion fee, and all expenses have been paid in full and a live foal has been produced.
  5. Both parties agree that Rick Leek Quarter Horses and their employees are not liable for accident, sickness, or death to above named mare while in the care of the stallion owner. Rick Leek Quarter Horses will exercise the best judgement in care and supervision of the mare and/or foal.
  6. Should the mare die, the mare owner shall be entitled to breed a substitute mare to the stallion. If stallion should die or become unfit for breeding, the fee will be refunded, but the stallion manager may retain the booking fee.  Should the mare not be breeding sound for any reason, the mare owner has the right to substitute another mare for the same or next breeding season only.
  7. This contract is non-assignable and non-transferable.
  8. When both the stallion owner and the mare owner sign this contract it will then be a binding contract subject to the above terms and conditions. This contract is entered into in the State of Michigan and will be enforced under the laws of Michigan.

Rick Leek Quarter Horses _______________________Dated this _____________of______.

Mare owner signature __________________________________________________________


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